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Iman Kalyan Chakraborty

Ashok Kumar Modak

Partha Pratim Manna

Dipanjan Mahapatra

He is a Specialist of Care-o-Vet Laboratory.


CARE-O-VET, a laboratory established with the sole purpose of ethical care of animals in laboratory tests with modern equipment and in the service of the nation since 1993.Although it is presently providing service in and around Hooghly and adjoining districts of West Bengal under the able leadership of Mr. Sailen Chakraborty and a team of experienced veterinarian with more than 30 years of experience developed one customer-centric business model which will create values for all stakeholders.

CARE-O-VET provides services of veterinary diagnostic and imaging .It also educates common people about the care of animals whether they are raised for domestic or for medical research. It takes initiative to educate policy-makers so that ill treatment or abuse to be stopped.

CARE-O-VET is aspiring high and helping the authorities to formulate policies so that best standard practices are followed by all laboratories for collection of samples, the interpretation of test result etc. and taking initiative to educate the laboratory personnel with modern techniques.

CARE-O-VET family presently has a staff strength of more than 50 and it has a distributor strength of more than 25 .

CARE-O-VET dreams to make veterinary diagnosis an integral part of animal health and treatment by creating a chain of CARE-O-VET laboratory across India.

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